Have you ever heard something a hundred times before and then finally it just clicks? This is also known as an “aha moment”. Really it is the experience of finally understanding something. Jesus tells a story about different types of people who hear the word of the kingdom. Out of the four types of people, only one actually benefited from what they heard. What set them apart? Understanding.

Our generation does not lack information or access to it. What is lacking is understanding. We can read books, sit through sermons, and listen to podcasts but none of that will do any good if we lack the vital ingredient of understanding. But before we go any further let’s define understanding.

The faculty of the human mind by which it apprehends the real state of things presented to it, or by which it receives or comprehends the ideas which others express and intend to communicate. The understanding is called also the intellectual faculty. It is the faculty by means of which we obtain a great part of our knowledge. Luke 24. Eph. 1 (Webster 1828)

God created us with the ability to understand things. It is not anti-spiritual to use this part of our mind in regards to faith. While it is true that the carnal mind is enimity against God, it is equally true that the renewed mind is in accord with Him.

In the upcoming posts we are going to take a closer look at understanding and learn practical ways to grow in it. Feel free to ask questions and offer input. Remember we are all learning here and nobody has it all figured out so lets encourage each other.

About Josh Monen

Josh is a Christian entrepreneur who lives in Central Texas with his wife and 4 kids.