Do you think God loves you more when you’re busy doing “kingdom” work? Does He get upset when you spend too much time watching TV or hanging out with your friends? Is He just so frustrated because right now you’re reading a blog about God instead of standing on the street sharing the gospel?

You probably don’t ask yourself these exact questions but I’m willing to bet you’ve had some variation go through your mind. I know I have.

It’s easy to feel like God loves us when we’re doing Christian things. Leading a Bible study, sharing the gospel or feeding the poor. But last time I checked God loves me because when He looks at me He sees Jesus. He sees me as a son and therefore He loves me as a father loves his son.

We all know that we can’t earn God’s love. But personally, I need to be reminded that God loves me just as much as when I’m snowboarding as when I’m sharing the gospel. There is something truly amazing about God’s grace.

About Josh Monen

Josh is a Christian, entrepreneur and writer from Ridgefield, WA. He's married with three kids: ages 4, 2 and 1. Before he met God, Josh was a drug addict with a $500/day cocaine addiction that almost killed him. Today he's seeking a real authentic relationship with God and others.