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God is Impressive

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One word I would use to describe God would be impressive. He is a God of wonder, He spoke the universe into existence, He is the Alpha and Omega, all nations will bow before Him, Nothing is impossible with Him, indeed He is impressive.

Sometimes we forget this truth. As Bobby Conner says, “we are far too familiar with a God we barely know.”

We learn the Christian rules, ways and principles and even though they lack that impressive element we continue on and forget that the veil was torn and we have access to the very presence of Almighty God.

Yes, let’s not complicate the Christian life but let’s also remember there is more to discover in Christ. Once we change God into a man made image we become idolaters. We do not have the liberty to fashion a God according to our own finite understanding. He is divine. He will not be worshiped as an imperfect God or as an object that is not Himself.

What happened to the wonder, to the impressiveness of God that the Bible clearly illustrates? Webster defines impressive as, “making or tending to make a marked impression; having the power to excite attention, awe, or admiration.”

I know that living in this society I have been impressed by many man made things. These temporal things compete for my attention and admiration, things that pale in comparison to eternity and Almighty God.

There was a time when signs and wonders were done by the hands of the apostles and although the unbelievers wouldn’t dare join them, they were nonetheless, impressed (Acts 5:12,13). Fast forward to today and the unbelievers still don’t want to go to church but they aren’t impressed either, and why should they be?

There is nothing impressive about meeting in big buildings and being nice people. To possess intellectual knowledge of the truth is not a cause for wonder. But when we repent, return to our first love and welcome the presence of God, supernatural things will happen. Lives will be changed and the Desire of Nations will be revealed and that is impressive!

About Josh Monen

Josh is a Christian entrepreneur who lives in Central Texas with his wife and 4 kids.


  1. Matt Perkins

    Amen brother. I was in a Christian bookstore down here in Guatemala and was disappointed to see a lot of the same kitschy, cheesy stuff you see in Christian bookstores in the States. It seems like Christians are very good at making a religion that is very unimpressive. It is amazing that the religion which claims to worship the one true God can make Him look unimpressive by its own unimpressiveness. But if you take the Bible seriously and by the power of the Holy Spirit come to know the one true God, you know the He is infinitely impressive beyond our wildest imaginations. God bless you bro.
    Matt Perkins recently posted..Tajumulco

    • Joshua Monen

      Thank you Matt. Yeah, I saw your pictures from Guatemala on your blog, I hope you had a good trip.

      Most Christian bookstores give me a weird feeling. Sometimes I wonder if it’s their mission to brand Christianity as the “cheesiest religion west of the Mississippi”. So did the one down there also dedicate half their floor space to Christian nick-nacks and other pop culture paraphernalia?

      I like what you said, He is infinitely impressive beyond our wildest imaginations! Well said.

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